Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 23:01:36

My compliments to the work with the web site.

Reading over again the experiences of the others, I think to be the only Maruska's client who has got engaged with an Ukrajnian girl who has never joined Maruska as well.

Yes, because I found my "love" in Doneck, but not in the meetings; anyhow it's ok as well. If I didn't come with you I wouldn't have met her

Ah, by the way: the history of the accident at the sea on the rocks wasn't true. The truth is that I met my future "love", and I wanted to go back as soon as possible in Ukrajna. So I didn't want to spend all my holidays coming back.

In the end, it wasn't Leandro to persuade me in coming back to Kijev. That's me that have decided like this: there was my "love" who would have come from Doneck to spend some days in the capital. In those days the spark between us has born. Now the spark has become a big flame of passion.

At any rate I wanna greet you with hug and a kiss, remembering with love and pleasure the 10 days I've spent with you this Summer...

P.S. as soon as my "love" comes back to Italy (she has already been here for a fortnight in October) we'll come in the office in Turin, also if she's not your client. But it's ok as well.

P.P.S. Naturally without photo, video and files...... If you wanna see her ...

Marina e Giuseppe Marina

See you soon. Giuseppe (D' journalist....)

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P.S. We've removed the photos on theirrequest

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